The clothes we wear are connected
to the very future of Planet Earth.

Our dream is to ensure a sustainable future for Earth and its inhabitants while continuing to enjoy life.

Inspired by this vision, we have created HIGHLACT®,

a unique corn-derived PLA (polylactic acid) material that promises a bright future for all.


HIGHLACT® is PLA (Polylactic acid) based on sustainable material derived from corn.

Characteristics of polylactic acid (PLA)

  • オーガニックリサイクル生分解のロゴ


    PLA is decomposable into water and CO2 under certain conditions and returns to nature. This is an ideal cycle that only biodegradable plastics can achieve.
    It is much more eco-friendly as extra energy is NOT needed, comparing to recycling plastics.

  • カーボンニュートラルのロゴ

    Carbon neutral

    Since PLA is made from biomass such as corn, it absorbs CO2 during the plant growth process, so that even if it is incinerated, the atmospheric CO2 emissions are assessed as significantly small.

  • 抗菌性のロゴ

    Antibacterial properties

    PLA is a safe and biocompatible material from lactic acid, which is also present in the human body. As material feature, antibacterial function is derived from lactic acid.
    NO chemical additives are needed and function stays after washing.

つくる/すてる CO2削減効果について
Next-generation sustainable materials perfected with Japanese craftsmanship

There were some colors and textures could not be realized/produced with conventional polylactic acid (PLA).
Black was one of them.
The challenge of producing black, an indispensable color in the world of fashion, with PLA was resolved through Japanese craftsmanship.




February 2,2023

The HIGHLACT® Official Website has been revamped.

The HIGHLACT® Official Website has been revamped.

The official website for HIGHLACT®, the next-generation sustainable material, has been given an overhaul.
The new website not only provides a window into the HIGHLACT® world view but also publishes photos to showcase apparel products made from fabrics combining HIGHLACT® and biodegradable materials such as cotton and tencel. In addition, we plan to develop owned media that will publish articles featuring the HIGHLACT® world view as well as interviews with related companies and industry figures.
Please take a minute to visit and enjoy the all-new HIGHLACT® Official Website.